Accident and Health- Personal Accident, Hospital & Surgical, Outpatient, Travellers Insurance including kidnap & ransom.

Agriculture & Livestocks.

Aviation- Hull & Liability including Airport Operators' Liability and Hangar Keepers' Insurance.

Boiler & Machinery- Including Computer & Electronic Equipment Insurance.

Bonds/Surety- Including Credit Default Insurance.

Contingency Insurance- Events Insurance (Cancellation & Abandonment), Prize Indemnity such as Hole-in-One.

Engineering- Construction and Erection All Risk including Delay in Start Up.

Financial Lines- Professional Liability for Financial Institutions, Bankers Blanket Bond, Stock Exchange Liability.

Group Life Scheme.

Liability Insurance- Motor, Professional Indemnity, Directors & Officers, Public Officials' Liability etc.

Marine- Hull, Cargo, War Risks, Throughput, Delay in Start Up, Protection & Indemnity to Shipowners.

Oil & Gas, Energy & Offshore Risks.

Political Risks- Covering expropriation, embargoes, confistication, selective discrimination.

Products Liability- Products Liability for various industries, Clinical trial insurance, Extended warranty.

Specie Insurance- Fine Arts, Jewellers Block, Armoured Car Deliveries.


Proportional- Quota Share Surplus.

Non-Proportional- Excess of Loss, Combined XOL, Layered Protection, Catastrophe Excess of Loss and Stop Loss.


Political Risk is best suited for international corporations and global financial institutions or other companies doing business in unfamiliar or volatile political climates involves considerable uncertainty. The risk of financial loss due to political events is very real and may be mitigated by insurance.

Political Risk insurance mitigates a variety of trade and asset risks and provides critical balance sheet protection for foreign investors, exporters and lenders.


Prize Indemnity insurance is indemnification insurance for a promotion in which the participants are offered the chance to win prizes. Instead of keeping cash reserves to cover large prizes, the promoter pays a premium to an insurance company, which then reimburses the insured should a prize be given away.

  • Golf Tournament- Hole-in-one insurance.
  • Super Bowl.
  • Lucky Draw Competition.


We have a vast experience in placing this risk with The Shipowners' Club for many years. The Shipowners' Club has 150 years of accumulated experience in providing P&I insurance cover for the owners of smaller and more specialised commercial vessels.

It is becoming increasingly common these days for Members to be asked about their insurance cover by various interested parties such as harbour authorities, charterers, government bodies etc. Evidence of a Member's cover with the Club can of course be provided through production of the vessel's certificate of entry and a copy of the Club Rules.


Directors & Officers Liability helps protect companies and their leaders/directors/officers from lawsuits arising from management's decisions.


This liability policies have been specially designed to cover liabilities arising from port operations, such as port terminals, stevedores companies, port authorities, wharfinger operators, etc.

While the standard liability policy excludes liability arising from damage to third party cargo (goods) under care, custody and control, as well as liability from damage to vessels and/or watercrafts, port operator's third party liability policies, on the other hand, offer wide coverage against the liabilities arising from port activities including damage to vessels, to cargo and to other third parties.

This policy is wide in nature to cover port operations where anything not expressly excluded in the policy, is therefore covered.


Our specialty area in the Aviation Class includes Aviation Hull All Risks, War, Hi-Jacking and Other Perils, Crew/Pilot Personal Accident and Liability insurance covering hull, war and other perils, third party liability, passenger liability, loss of license, crew personal accident, mechanical breakdown, loss of use, deductible buy back. Our experience covers fleets of fixed and rotor winged aircrafts as well as individually owned aircrafts. We have access to regional aviation underwriters as well as Lloyds underwriters.


Loss of license means the insured Member is entirely prevented as a consequence of illness or accident from acting in the capacity for which he holds a License/Certificate by reason of the withdrawal of such License/Certificate by the relevant License Issuing Authority.

A License/Certificate in this context means all Pilots Licenses/Certificates held by the insured Member in connection with his occupation as a pilot or flight engineer. Loss of License in this context is deemed to apply to all such Licenses/Certificates.


Our marine and energy division provides you cover on a wide range of related risk. Our Marine Division covers all aspects of hull and machinery, cargo, marine cargo open cover, inland transits and liability exposures. We have experience in handling port risks as well as builders reinsurance.


All classes of insurance involving property and engineering work.